213: Making Offers to Spur Innovation with Peter Denning

Peter Denning returns to the show this week to talk about innovation. But this most likely isn’t the innovation discussion you’re expecting.

43: Gearing up for EACUBO 2014 — Reaching Across the Aisle

We’re preparing for the EACUBO 2014 Annual Workshop in just a few weeks, and to help us out, we’re joined by guest Roger Stackpoole, Vice President of Finance & Administration at Le Moyne College. Roger and Howard Teibel will be presenting “Reaching Across the Aisle — CFO and CAO Strategic Partnership,” in which they offer insights and observations on cultivating a spirit of collaboration and cooperation between academic and business leadership. 

This week on the show, Howard and Roger set the stage for their presentation with a discussion on building trust through transparency, shifting responsibility in building a healthy and financially sustainable organization, and cultivating a shared commitment to delivering the mission of the institution. 

We invite you to listen to the show this week, and to begin to craft your questions and comments as Roger and Howard lead what promises to be an exciting, challenging, and participatory presentation in Philadelphia.

About our Guest

Roger Stackpoole

Roger Stackpoole is Vice President of Finance & Administration and Treasurer at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. He is a driving force behind sustainability initiatives and strategic planning at Le Moyne College, and is past president of the Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers. Learn more about Roger at

13: The 15-Minute Meeting

We’ve all been there -- the eternal ineffective meeting. The facilitator labors on and on, agenda lost long, long ago, with no end in sight. But it is possible to hold effective meetings; meetings with focus, attention, participation, and accountability -- and it all starts with a collective understanding of the rules of the field. In this episode, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright outline those rules and provide suggestions for all who are plagued with ineffective meeting-itis on how to spark the right team behaviors and get back on track.

12: How do you increase productivity without carrying a big stick?

It’s easy to say you want to cultivate an environment of collaboration and communication on a team. It’s another thing all together to actually achieve it. When you are faced with team behavior that’s in the dumps, how do you pull the right people together, inspire that spirit of innovation, and get people working together again without getting mired in politics and frustration? This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright take on this issue and offer key strategies for bringing your teams together.

11: We’re always selling

Listen to We're Always Selling on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Walk into your next management meeting and tell your team that you think they need to learn to sell better, you're likely to feel a chill enter the room. Sales has a tough reputation inside organizations. And yet, so many core skills from the art of selling apply perfectly to the interactions we engage in day to day. This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright discuss how we are always selling something, whether it's a project idea, a need for partnerships among business units, or influencing a group to buy into a new direction. Selling is ultimately about listening, then conveying how your idea meets another's need. It's about great communication and negotiating skills, something all of us can continue to improve on.