196: What a higher ed conference can teach us about provocation, storytelling, and staying engaged as we age

Last month, I had the opportunity to have my perspective tested. As someone that works in higher education, you might think that’s not much of a novelty. On the contrary — none of us is immune to cemented positions and calcified opinions. The NACUBO 2018 Annual Meeting was a chance for me to face some of my own, and I walked away with three experiences I wanted to share this week.

189: Preparing Grads for the World Beyond the Walls with Bentley President Gloria Larson

Listen to Bentley President Gloria Larson on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Bentley University President Gloria Larson returns to Navigating Change this week to share the story of her new book, Prepared U: How Innovative Colleges Drive Student Success. The book tells the story of our changing marketplace and asks some hard questions for institutions. At its core, how well are we pivoting to provide an education that meets the needs of a new kind of student, one who is prepared to enter the world with skills and sensibilities to engage in the global marketplace? And what does this mean for a new kind of teaching we need to embrace to meet this emerging student?

How you go to college is more important than where you go to school,” says President Larson. “Employers want both hit-the-ground-running skill sets and very strong lifelong-learning capabilities.” In the book — and her work at Bentley University — Larson demonstrates the changes required for institutions to deliver both the hard skills and soft, and help cultivate graduates ready for the challenges ahead. 

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180: Challenging our Blindspots — Moods, Assessments, and Assertions with Author Gloria Flores

This week, we welcome Gloria Flores to the show, co-founder and President of Pluralistic Networks. In her work, Gloria is committed to developing innovative ways for people to learn to collaborate, to listen, to build trust, and to build value for each other. Of particular interest to her is the creation of learning environments that will enable people to develop what many describe as “soft skills,” but that really should be referred as “crucial skills” for today’s world.

161: Exploring Education as Fiction with Professor Brad Allenby

Listen to Brad Allenby on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Professor Brad Allenby maps the changes in higher education to grand revolutions of European history, that of the Glorious British Revolution of 1688 or the French Revolution leading to the Reign of Terror. As a faculty member at Arizona State University, Dr. Allenby has seen first hand the pressure building in the classroom and beyond it. Schools are facing challenges to their economic models, just as faculty are facing pedagogical challenges in the classroom. This week on Navigating Change, Dr. Allenby joins us for a conversation on change, how we market education, and what it means for all of us to remain relevant over the next twenty years.

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145: Engaging in Failure and Creativity with First American's Chad Wiedenhofer

How do you get people to engage in a conversation around failure? According to our guest, “you can see in organizations where iteration and the failure that might come with it is accepted as something that can be positive, and something that can help us get to the destination we’re trying to get to.” Creating a culture of iteration, and adapting toward a state in which you see failure as growth is a challenge, but one worth taking. SVP of First American Education Finance Chad Wiedenhofer joins us today to talk about iteration and growth.

139: Taking Risks, Releasing Control, and Strategic Planning with Valparaiso U. President Mark Heckler

Mark Heckler has served as president of Valparaiso University since 2008. In his tenure so far, the institution has achieved some notable wins: expanded facilities, expanded academic programs and a five-year campaign achieving the largest fundraising goal ever achieved by a Lutheran University. Today, Dr. Heckler is overseeing the implementation of the most expansive and comprehensive strategic plan in the university’s 150-year history.

122: Live from EACUBO 2015 — Gregg Goldman and Dave Button on Common Interests, Common Challenges of CBOs

Listen to Gregg Goldman and Dave Button on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

This week on Navigating Change we're once again recording live from the Cheers Lounge at the EACUBO Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Howard Teibel hosts a conversation this week with two esteemed guests: Gregg Goldman, SVP and CFO at The University of Arizona and Chair of NACUBO, and Dave Button, CBO at University of Regina in Saskatchewan and past president of CAUBO. Each brings a unique perspective on the state of CBO readiness for complexity in the coming year, and they uncover a series of fascinating parallels in the state of higher eduction between the US and Canada.

110: The Mentorship Mindset and Leveraging Hidden Resources with Nuno Couto

Listen to The Mentorship Mindset with Nuno Couto on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Nuno Couto lives and works from his RV. In his work as a consultant and project manager in higher education, his ultra-mobile command center has become a central component to leading change through his firm, Optimal Partners.

This week on Navigating Change, Nuno joins Gail Gregory and Pete Wright for a conversation around improved business models in higher education. It’s a discussion around the power of education, and how we as providers can thoroughly engage all stakeholders in the equation. We discuss the “Mentorship Mentality,” the challenges that face business officers in leveraging all their most creative assets in solving their most difficult challenges. 

Nuno’s work as a social entrepreneur and community leader make him a terrific resource to spearhead an important conversation around creativity and inspiration, and how we are all working to build stronger, more vital higher education institutions today, to meet the needs of the community — and economy — of tomorrow.

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Photo Credit: Creative Teamwork Presentations by Glen Forde

108: Choose YOU — The Importance of Vacations & Downtime in Delivering Great Work

Listen to The Importance of Vacations on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

It’s a show of a different color this week as we take on a debilitating challenge faced by so many of our colleagues: we are terrible at disconnecting, recharging, and prioritizing ourselves over our work. The idea for this show started as a chance to talk about how we’re pledging to take smarter vacations, but it doesn’t take long before we veer into culture and the demands of communication, technology, and stress. No, this isn’t about higher ed, but if you work in this field with us, you know where we’re coming from. As we transition into summer, join us — Howard Teibel and Pete Wright — in our pledge to choose health, reduce stress, and recharge. 

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99: Lessons from AGB's National Conference on Trusteeship

Listen to Lessons from AGB's National Conference on Trusteeship on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Recorded straight off stage from the 2015 AGB National Conference on Trusteeship, Howard Teibel shares his reflections on trusteeship, and lessons he learned working with trustees navigating their most challenging issues. From the coming closure of Sweet Briar, to the challenges of institutionalizing change, Howard and Pete dive into the importance of changing our thinking from cooperation to collaboration, and shifting adversarial relationships toward finding alignment across the entire institution.

98: What are Presidents, Chancellors, and Cabinets Dealing with Today?

Listen to What are Presidents, Chancellors, and Cabinets Dealing with Today? on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

As we cruise toward our centennial episode of Navigating Change, we’re stepping back to share some of our key lessons learned. We’ve heard from presidents, chancellors, and trustees as they navigate their institutions though the rough seas of higher education, from the funding challenges facing the large publics to the demand challenges of community colleges, the value challenges of the smaller liberal arts colleges to the credibility challenges of the for profits. This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright take a walk through the issues facing each group and set the stage for lessons yet to come. 


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94: The Story of UMass Lowell — Change, Agility, and Growth with Joanne Yestramski & Lauren Turner

Listen to The Story of UMass Lowell on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Teibel, Inc. has been working with UMass Lowell as part of a structural review of the finance and operations division. Today on the show, we’re going to discuss that  project with our special guests from UML, Joanne Yestramski and Lauren Turner.  We’ll focus on this work in the context of the institution’s success in cementing a culture of organizational agility in this challenging education market. 

UML’s nimbleness has fostered year over year growth in quality education, service, and enrollment. Joanne and Lauren join Gail Gregory and Pete Wright for the story of UMass Lowell, from a transformation in top leadership, to a culture of sustained growth and progress. 

Our conversation today is a prelude to their presentation next week at the EACUBO Annual Workshop in Washington DC. Join Gail, Joanne, and Lauren as they showcase their work, and the evolving UMass Lowell organizational structure that has served them so well. 

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About Joanne Yestramski
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Joanne Yestramksi has a long and accomplished career in financial management, administration and information technology services.  She has spent nearly two decades working in the field of higher education, at both public and private institutions in New England. As Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations at UMass Lowell, she is also a member of the Chancellor's Executive Cabinet.

About Lauren Turner
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Outreach

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Outreach is Lauren Turner.  She is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of campus human resources management including recruitment and outreach, position classification and compensation, labor relations, compliance with all federal and state regulations which govern employment, complaint investigation, employee safety and workers' compensation, benefits administration, workplace learning and development, payroll, management of the University's Human Resource Information System with PeopleSoft, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

92: Governance — Finding Balance Between the Board and Administration with St. Edward’s President George Martin

Listening to Balancing Board and Administration with George Martin on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

The university board has an opporunity to help guide the strategy of the institution. But striking the right balance between engagement and over-involvement in leadership can be a challenge.

From his perspective — and his 16-year tenure as president of St. Edward’s University — Dr. George Martin has cultivated a reputation of leadership and balanced communication with the board of his institution. This week on the show, Dr. Martin shares the critical importance of developing a discipline of strategic planning, creating a culture of leadership that is always asking: “How is what we are doing now contributing to the strategic plan of the university. 

Beyond the board relationship, Dr. Martin shares his perspective on the value of shared governance. “It’s a huge resource,” he says, “it allows you to take advantage of the tremendous minds and intellectual power that is on your faculty and to use that for advancing the university."

This week on Navigating Change, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright investigate the careful balance between the board and the president in protecting, growing their institutions. 

88: President George Martin on Investing in Our Future at St. Edward’s University

Listen to Investing in Our Future with George Martin on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Dr. George Martin has served as president of St. Edward’s University for over 15 years. In his tenure there, he has become an expert navigator of the waters of institutional change. This year, under Dr. Martin's leadership, the university has launched an administrative review designed to capitalize on the university’s successes, and prepare it to face the challenging landscape of higher education before us all. 

This week on Navigating Change, Dr. Martin shares his experience in cultivating top-down and bottom-up decision making that positively engages the entire university community. He outlines is rationale behind embarking on such an audacious change project now, and what success will mean to the finance office — and the culture — of St. Edward’s in the future. 

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Photo Credit: "Moon over St. Edward's" by Stuart Seeger

86: AGB President Rick Legon on Board Leadership, Adaptability in the Face of Tectonic Change in Higher Ed

Listen to Rick Legon on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

The 2015 National Conference on Trusteeship from the Association of Governing Boards is coming up April 19-21 in Phoenix and this year’s event promises a rich line-up of leaders and board members tackling the biggest issues facing higher ed institutions around the world. Howard Teibel is on the docket  this year, joining the list of facilitators for the Leadership Institute for Board Leaders and Executives the day before the main session, April 18. 

We’re thrilled to welcome AGB President Rick Legon to the show this week. Rick has served as AGB President since 2006. This week, he shares his keen insights in the challenges facing board leadership in today’s institutions, and how the Conference on Trusteeship serves to align leaders to face them. How do we maintain an affordable education while ensuring the highest quality? How do we address the glass ceiling of tuition revenue in supporting the institution? How do we adapt to the changing relationship between state and federal regulation and the education experience? This is a wide-ranging conversation that dives into the fundamental question: how do we frame the board’s role as one critical piece of the institutional leadership puzzle?

84: Year in Review: 4 Big Trends to Watch in Higher Ed 2015

Howard Teibel

Howard Teibel

Holiday breaks are coming to a close and students are heading back to classes as we celebrate one more trip around the sun. This week on Navigating Change, we take on four key trends bound to influence your decision making in 2015 as we reflect on the year gone by. In doing so, we’re setting the stage for our own conversation for year to come around institutional responsibility for external mandates, the role of academic performance measurement in data driven decision making, continued consolidations and shared services, and the leader's role in positively engaging the workforce in the face of great change. 


Photo credit: Chris Schroeer-Heiermann
Faculty of Theatre and Dance — ArtEZ, Arnhem, Holland


83: Growing Independent School Biz Officers with NBOA President Jeff Shields

We’re thrilled to welcome NBOA President and CEO Jeff Shield to the show this week. Jeff has worked tirelessly to ensure that this upcoming annual meeting is the best yet, and shares not only a fantastic origin story of the association, but offers welcomed insight around the importance of the business officer in the tight knit independent school community, and the challenges they face in collaborative work across their campuses.