Teibel Education Consulting works with leaders to orient their teams around a network of commitments and develop new habits to coordinate action in support of the customers they serve. We conduct team-building, change management programs and campus-wide innovation projects to unleash the dynamism of your diverse community.

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Howard Teibel, Speaker

Photo Credit: 2016 NBOA Annual Meeting, the National Business Officers Association

Photo Credit: 2016 NBOA Annual Meeting, the National Business Officers Association


Howard Teibel is a regular keynote and conference speaker. For upcoming events, or to inquire about Howard joining the schedule of your next national meeting, we invite you to inquire below. 

We are planning a substantial curriculum change in our school and it is important that this change is managed so that students, faculty and staff, as well as external stakeholders benefit most from it. Attending Howard’s symposium yesterday gave me several good ideas on how to ensure all stakeholders remain involved in the process.
— Nives Dolsak, Associate Professor, University of Washington
Confronted with some challenging moments early in the day, he deftly (and humorously) defused what could have devolved into an unproductive venting session. He was thoroughly prepared for the two sessions he ran, but also nimble enough to alter the agenda in response to the direction of the conversation and needs of the audience.
— Michael J. McGill, Head of School, The Northwest School

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