145: Engaging in Failure and Creativity with First American's Chad Wiedenhofer

Listen to Chad Wiedenhofer on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

How do you get people to engage in a conversation around failure? According to our guest, “you can see in organizations where iteration and the failure that might come with it is accepted as something that can be positive, and something that can help us get to the destination we’re trying to get to.” Creating a culture of iteration, and adapting toward a state in which you see failure as growth is a challenge, but one worth taking. SVP of First American Education Finance Chad Wiedenhofer joins us today to talk about iteration and growth. How do you trigger conversations around alternative models of financing that business officers should be considering? How do you help lead your institution toward creative new models of revenue generation? These are central to our conversation with Chad today, and certain to open new opportunities for dialog at your institutions. 

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