155: The Art in the Mission: Graphic Facilitation with Karyn Knight Detering

Listen to Karyn Knight Detering on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Great leaders know the importance of using visuals to move groups to action. This week on the show we’d like to introduce you to an expert in the art and technique of telling a story quickly, powerfully, and artistically. 

Karyn Knight Detering is a visual communicator and founder of Ideas Take Shape, a graphic facilitation company dedicated to helping her clients find creative ways to communicate their ideas and concepts. Her expertise is two-fold: she’s an artist, but also an improviser, able to listen for key concepts and ideas in order to craft a story that cements understanding for businesses looking to drive change. She’s done some fantastic work for Howard and we’re thrilled to be able to share her ideas with you today.

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154: Access, Affordability, and Appreciation for Alternative Education Pathways with the Chronicle’s Scott Carlson

Listen to Scott Carlson on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Scott Carlson is an award winning senior writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, where he has been contributing to our field since 1999 across a range of issues: college management and finance, the cost and value of higher ed, planning, sustainability and so much more. 

Today, Scott joins us to talk about his feature, “Should Everyone Go to College,” published in the Chronicle of Higher Education May 1 which has sparked some valuable discussion challenging deeply held cultural beliefs around the value of the four-year degree, vocational education, and access to educational resources for all. 

Scott shares some of the surprising reactions to the piece from educators and administrators that might just pave the way for a change in how we think about education for the next generation.

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153: Scope, Solution & Strategy — A tale of project management efficiency

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Most new engagements begin with an idea. Leadership presents an objective and the team gets to work. Whether it’s a strategy retreat or a new team-building program, the most common march is one of people moving, celebrating activity, without a pause to ask the question: will this approach achieve the results we’re looking to achieve?

This week on the show, Howard Teibel shares a few common missteps in project management that can derail initiatives and offers three steps toward meeting collective buy-in and establishing momentum on your next project undertaking!

152: New America’s Amy Laitinen on Higher Ed Advocacy, Policy, and the Most Important Constituent

Listen to Amy Laitinen on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Our guest today is passionate about education. That, of course, could be said of any of us working in institutions across the country. Amy Laitinen doesn’t exercise her passion for education in the classroom, however. She fights for quality and transparency in Washington as director for Higher Education at New America.

Today on the show, Amy joins us to share her perspective on policy in higher ed, and the role of policy in fostering innovation and quality. There’s a gap, to be sure, and today we’ll discuss the complex competing factors that impact our ability to close it in our administrative conversations. 

About Amy Laitinen

Amy Laitinen serves as director for higher education at New America. She’s served as a policy advisor on higher education at both the U.S. Department of Education and the White House. She was named by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one top ten innovators of 2013 for her work on federal policy and competency-based education. Today, her efforts are focused on crafting federal policies to increase quality and transparency in higher education.

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151: Goucher President José Bowen shares the power of improvisation in institutional leadership

Listen to José Bowen on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

How do we transform our institutions and learning models to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students? What does “student success” mean to the academic mission of tomorrow’s institutions? How do we better adapt the college experience to address complexity and transparency? José Bowen currently serves as the 11th president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, and he joins us on the show today to help map the winding road toward student success. Along the way we learn a deceivingly valuable lesson of music: count on modulation and improvisation as a versatile leadership mentality.

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