141: The Queen Sacrifice — Gambling the Most Precious Asset in Higher Ed with Bryan Alexander

Listen to Bryan Alexander on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

In late 2013, our guest, futurist Bryan Alexander, and colleagues crowd-sourced a new metaphor into our higher ed vernacular: The Queen Sacrifice. According to Alexander, The Queen Sacrifice is a strategy in which “a college or university sacrifices one of its most vital elements (faculty, academic offerings) to ward off financial woe.” The perils of a queen sacrifice are plenty, implying both a practical fissure in the institution, and a cultural one. When financial restructuring is on the table, pushing cuts of academic programs shines a spotlight on institutional values and mission, in addition to financial woes. 

This week on Navigating Change, Bryan Alexander joins us to address a question that eludes the most talented academic strategists: how do you transform academic structures and programs without diminishing the mission?

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