207: Moving Mountains: Provoking Change in Higher Education with Carol Mullaney and Brent Ruben

Carol Mullaney and Brent Ruben join Howard for a conversation on change, provocation, and the evolving macro-conversation that comes as we continue to learn to lead change in higher education. This comes as we prepare for the NCCI 20th Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado — Moving Mountains: Cultivating Change in Higher Education, July 10–12.

A Conversation about Race: Starbucks engages race in stores and beyond

A Conversation about Race: Starbucks engages race in stores and beyond

This past week I attended the Association of Governing Boards 2019 Foundation Leadership Forum and had the privilege to listen to Rosalind Brewer, COO of Starbucks. She shared how the company dealt with the racial incident at one of their Philadelphia stores in April of 2018. Many of us heard they closed their stores around the country for the day, but most of us didn’t know know what they did with that time.

115: Revisiting Decision-Making: Do you really understand the conversation you’re in?

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Last week’s conversation on turning leaders into guides inspired us to revisit the Teibel Decision-Making Model in the light of helping guides facilitate decision-making without authority. How do you help those empowered and accountable for change move through difficult decisions without skin the game yourself? This week we walk through the model through this lens and post the key question plaguing so many teams focused on change: Do you really understand the conversations you’re in? The projects you’re accountable to deliver? Why your institution needs you where you are, doing what you’re doing today? 

This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright revisit the Decision-Making Model with an eye on those charged facilitate change, without authority or accountability to make change themselves. 

Photo Credit: “Tongji University Library” by Matthias Ripp (Creative Commons)

202: Thinking with your heart, feeling with your brain — Sustainability in Higher Education with Gil Friend

Our guest this week occupies a unique leadership position in the field of sustainability and brings a perspective to difficult conversations that can help us change the way we take part in sustainable leadership.

201: From Ladders to Drones to a Culture of Authentic Collaboration

Using Pixar’s approach to cultivating an exceptional brand, Teibel Education and University of Colorado information technology leaders embarked on a journey of creativity that spanned the campus leading to innovative solutions to challenges and sparking a transformative energy of inclusion and progress.

196: What a higher ed conference can teach us about provocation, storytelling, and staying engaged as we age

Last month, I had the opportunity to have my perspective tested. As someone that works in higher education, you might think that’s not much of a novelty. On the contrary — none of us is immune to cemented positions and calcified opinions. The NACUBO 2018 Annual Meeting was a chance for me to face some of my own, and I walked away with three experiences I wanted to share this week.