85: Loki's Wager — Building Trust through Difficult Negotiations

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In Norse mythology, Loki was the trickster. In one of his particularly sticky exploits, he wagered his head with a group of dwarves and lost, creating a wonderful metaphor describing the complexities of difficult negotiations for us today known as “Loki’s Wager.” 

Seemingly impassable problems are common in the boardroom. But in most cases, such challenges stem from weak trust and a poor culture around handling conflict. Astute leaders know that the great benefit of team work is leveraging different perspectives toward big problems. To do so requires reframing the intractable, and moving beyond Loki’s most frustrating wager. 

This week on Navigating Change, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright discuss Loki’s Wager, and share insight that can help to adjust our natural assumptions around conflict, trust, and the ground rules required for an effective problem-solving and decision-making engine at the negotiating table. 


Photo Credit: Inspired by Escher by Morgan Paul

69: Building Trust and the Higher Ed Business Model with EACUBO Chair Michael Gower

J. Michael Gower — SVP, Finance & EACUBO Chair

J. Michael Gower — SVP, Finance & EACUBO Chair

This week on Navigating Change, we’re thrilled to have friend of the show, Michael Gower. Michael currently serves as senior vice president of finance at Rutgers University and chair of EACUBO — he joins us on the show this week to share his insights on building trust, technology, and the forces impacting the changing business model in higher eduction. 

The EACUBO Annual Meeting 2014 will be held in Orlando October 19-22. Michael and the EACUBO leadership team are leading a shift in the approach to the annual conference with new presentation models and events designed to give financial leaders the the tools they need to build trust and deliver on the mission of their institutions. 

Hot news! Howard and Pete will be hosting Navigating Change Unplugged live on Monday, October 20 at the conference. If you’re going to be in Orlando, join us in person — details coming soon!

About J. Michael Gower
J. Michael Gower, a financial planning expert with more than thirty years’ experience in university and medical school business management, is the senior vice president for finance at Rutgers University. In that capacity he directs the financial management and planning activities of the university, collaborating with leaders from the campuses, schools, and administrative units.

Gower is the chair of the Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers and a member of the board of directors of the National Association of College and University Business Officers, higher education’s leading professional organization for chief business and financial officers.