Having attended the Managing Through Change workshop with Teibel, Inc., I think his model is a beautiful way to educate administrators and faculty alike when trying to move in the direction of new pedagogies and alternative models of teaching. From a faculty perspective, these ideas are not so much about managing change but about guiding people through the process of change.

It is important for faculty to recognize that change doesn't occur overnight and that it is often an iterative process. As Howard said, "we can't do change for change's sake." Faculty must be courageous enough to try something new (always based on best-practices, of course) despite the fact that it might have difficult consequences from the perspective of evaluations from students and how they might be perceived by faculty peers. I know there are many faculty like me that feel this way and could benefit immensely from the language and process proposed by Teibel Education Consulting in this workshop.

Santiago Toledo
Associate Professor of Chemistry
St. Edward's University