I was first introduced to Teibel Education Consulting through their work at Fresno State in recent years.  As President-Elect  and Conference Chair for the Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA), I was responsible for identifying a keynote speaker for the closing session of our annual conference.  The organization itself represents 90 auxiliary corporations serving the 23-Campus California State University. The theme for this years’ conference in early 2017 was “Partners in Achieving Student Success”.

Given Teibel's work on our campus, I reached out to Howard to see if he could develop a closing keynote that allowed attendees to reflect on student success, sending them home with “takeaways” on how they can inspire their teams towards making a difference for the students we serve.

Prior to the conference, the Teibel Education Consulting team took the time to learn about the mission of our organization, as well as the focus of our conference.  Howard was then able to bring his years of experience in higher education, demonstrating credibility from the start of his keynote.  By the end of his session, I was pleased to observe attendees taking notes and making gestures of affirmation of the value of the experience.

I can’t say enough about Howard’s willingness to take on such a unique assignment and his thorough preparation during the planning process. The end result was an engaging keynote that achieved our desired outcomes and exceeded the participants' expectations.  I would highly recommend Howard and his team to others and look forward to working with Teibel Education Consulting in the future.  

Keith Kompsi
2017 President, AOA
Director, Fresno State Foundation