I had the pleasure of participating in several of Teibel’s recent workshops on change management and communicating financial matters effectively and enjoyed them very much. So, when our organization was wrestling with issues regarding growth, process improvement and interpersonal communication, the opportunity to engage with them for a one-day staff workshop immediately came to mind.
In the morning, Howard presented a workshop, “How to Succeed in a Changing Environment, Personally and Professionally” to NBOA’s staff of 12 full-time nonprofit professionals. His presentation was thoughtful, engaging and compelling. Teibel, Inc. has the unique ability to meet people where they are, and move them further than they believe they are able to go. His presentation included a combination of structured experiences, a variety of media and Teibel’s passion for helping organizations reach their full potential through the people that comprise them.
In the afternoon, Howard led a smaller session to help staff review and enhance their internal processes related to program development and marketing communications. He was able to create a safe environment that fostered candid dialogue and constructive criticism, which led to several new approaches to our work. Teibel, Inc. was a partner with me in my role as CEO, and helped me re-invigorate long-standing processes and enabled staff to consider alternatives to their work, which they helped to create, in order to produce better outcomes for our organization.
I look forward to working with Teibel, Inc. again as a speaker and organizational consultant. I consider him to be a valuable professional colleague.
Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE
President and CEO
National Business Officers Association