Please find below my endorsement of Teibel Education Consulting, who served as a key architect and advisor during the preliminary phases of Loyola University Maryland's recent self-assessment and sustainability initiative, A New Way of Proceeding. That effort, focused on identifying opportunities for increased operational efficiencies and strategic resource re-allocation, led to numerous new initiatives at Loyola that have helped the University to better position itself within today's complex higher-education landscape.

As a consultant during the first phases of this exercise, Teibel offered terrific perspective and brought a wealth of expertise, helping the University to craft "authentically Loyola" solutions to the administrative and operational concerns that drove this self-assessment. Their subtle, behind-the-scenes, guidance allowed all University stakeholders to feel invested in, and integral, to the process. Further, Howard's ability to incorporate external inputs and his broad professional experience into his consultancy helped the University to better understand the myriad externalities that meaningfully impact contemporary universities.

In no small part due to Teibel Inc.'s early-stage guidance, the University has recognized significant gains within its competitive marketplace and implemented a range of advantageous operational and sustainability efforts, while enjoying both increased revenue and decreased expenditures. As Loyola's efforts on these fronts continue, the University today still enjoys the benefits of Teibel's consultancy.

Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.
Loyola University Maryland


Loyola University Maryland recently embarked upon an initiative entitled “New Way of Proceeding” which called upon the university to seek new ways to generate revenue, reduce costs and increase our competitiveness in the market.  Teibel worked with our leadership team from the outset and provided critical guidance in the planning, communication, and implementation phases of the initiative.  Through the process that we worked on with Teibel, we were able save millions of dollars and uncover initiatives that will help us generate new revenues.  This initiative would not have been nearly as successful were it not for the guidance and advice that was provided by Howard and his colleagues at Teibel.  Howard brought to the table firsthand expertise, having worked on similar projects in the past, but allowed our initiative to be true to our culture and tailored to our specific needs.  Teibel Education Consulting became an invaluable member of our team and added tremendous value to an initiative that has created significant and positive change at Loyola.

Terrence M. Sawyer
Senior Vice President
Loyola University Maryland