129: Futurist Bryan Alexander Measures Transformative Forces on our Higher Ed Horizons

Listen to Bryan Alexander on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

This week on Navigating Change we invite writer, speaker, and teacher, Bryan Alexander, to join us and talk about the evolution of higher education. As a futurist, Bryan navigates trends in the field, particularly assessing the impact of technology in and around the classroom.

In Teibel’s work with leaders, we focus on shorter timeframes, helping to free those overwhelmed by the act of change to move into action.

In our conversation today, we attempt to bridge the two: how do we help one another to narrow relevant trends of today, to make the best choices for learners of tomorrow? How do we move our expertise beyond identifying current problems across our institutions, to envisioning our future free of those constraints, with a team rallied behind a journey to take us there?

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