94: The Story of UMass Lowell — Change, Agility, and Growth with Joanne Yestramski & Lauren Turner

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Teibel, Inc. has been working with UMass Lowell as part of a structural review of the finance and operations division. Today on the show, we’re going to discuss that  project with our special guests from UML, Joanne Yestramski and Lauren Turner.  We’ll focus on this work in the context of the institution’s success in cementing a culture of organizational agility in this challenging education market. 

UML’s nimbleness has fostered year over year growth in quality education, service, and enrollment. Joanne and Lauren join Gail Gregory and Pete Wright for the story of UMass Lowell, from a transformation in top leadership, to a culture of sustained growth and progress. 

Our conversation today is a prelude to their presentation next week at the EACUBO Annual Workshop in Washington DC. Join Gail, Joanne, and Lauren as they showcase their work, and the evolving UMass Lowell organizational structure that has served them so well. 

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About Joanne Yestramski
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Joanne Yestramksi has a long and accomplished career in financial management, administration and information technology services.  She has spent nearly two decades working in the field of higher education, at both public and private institutions in New England. As Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations at UMass Lowell, she is also a member of the Chancellor's Executive Cabinet.

About Lauren Turner
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Outreach

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Outreach is Lauren Turner.  She is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of campus human resources management including recruitment and outreach, position classification and compensation, labor relations, compliance with all federal and state regulations which govern employment, complaint investigation, employee safety and workers' compensation, benefits administration, workplace learning and development, payroll, management of the University's Human Resource Information System with PeopleSoft, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion.