188: Building Your Culture from the Bottom Up — The Operations Review

People can see change as an affront to the way things have always been done. They’re right to feel this way.

When we shift to engaging each other in culture change, something happens. People begin to see the change as a sign of progress, and not an attack on tradition. How do you produce this transformation?

This week on the show, Howard Teibel leads us through a campus-wide process that can build this kind of emotional resiliency. Reducing costs, creating efficiencies, and generating revenue is not about our financial picture. It’s about engaging our community to declare priorities for a future we envision.  

Our conversation centers around how to systematically unleash your community to creatively generate ideas around operations, pedagogy, and ultimately, impacting the student experience. It’s a combination of giving up control from the top and skepticism from the middle.

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