125: Moving In — The value of the internal change agent with Benchmark’s Christian Recknagel

Listen to Benchmark Construction Leadership VP Christian Recknagel on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

When you’re on the outside, observing teams in action, you have the benefit of the unique perspective to offer insights that lead to real change. This is the benefit of the consultative model, and of teams engaging in external support to help lead change efforts. But what happens when you move from the outside in? How do you inspire the same to motivation to change in your teams once you, too, are part of the culture of the institution?

This week on Navigating Change we’re talking to Christian Recknagel about his work at Benchmark Construction. Christian moved from his role as lead consultant at E4 Consulting to internal change management lead at Benchmark, and faces the challenge of innovating from the inside out every day. 

About Christian Recknagel

Christian began his career in Leadership and High Performance Cultures with Holt Learning in New York City in 1997.  He was able to get his fingers in all elements of program design, delivery, facilitation, client relationship management, sales proposal development, and resource development.  In 1999, Christian took the risk to become an independent contractor, working in partnership with 3-7 larger firms and developing his own clientele.  His work evolved from “off the shelf” skills training to executive coaching, executive team performance, culture change initiatives and envisioned future creation, which is how he got to know Benchmark.  He was the lead consultant supporting Benchmark’s strategic planning process and supported the executive team and their leadership and team performance.  After almost 20 years of working with hundreds of leaders and their organizations, Christian felt compelled to join Benchmark and support its ambitious goals for the future as Vice President of Leadership and Culture.