112: The Challenges of Implementation with Unimarket’s Brian Sweeney

Listen to The Challenges of Implementation with Brian Sweeney on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

Today we’re talking about bottlenecks in project implementation, it’s a sort of spiritual follow-up to a conversation we had just a few weeks back, (The Danger of Thinking in Projects — Ep 101), and we have an expert with us to share the load with keen experience in rolling out large institutional software installations.

Joining us on the show this week, we have our special guest Brian Sweeney. Brian is the head of US Operations for Unimarket, providing procurement solutions to higher ed institutions around the world. Brian offers unique experience in software project implementation in higher education and shares his insights into the cultural change that comes with technological innovation across campuses.


Photo Credit: "Computer Lab" by Eric E. Castro (Creative Commons)