“5 Minutes with Howard Teibel” — Language, Coordinating Actions and Problem Solving in Business Officer Magazine

If you’re a follower of our work or listened to discussions on the Navigating Change podcast, you’ll have heard me talk about speech acts as a fundamental competency to be effective in the world. Writing and research in this area has a rich history dating back to the early 1960s, and I’m honored to be connected with Fernando Flores who has transformed the domain of speech acts to reflect how we coordinate action and invent our future.

“Shifting the mood starts with anticipating where others might be, whether they’re an audience at a talk you’re giving, a team you’re working with, or just one other person.”

— Howard Teibel

I was invited to sit down with Leah Thayer with NBOA’s Net Assets magazine for a wide-ranging interview in which we begin with a conversation on the power of speech acts as an anchor for effective communication. From there, we discuss the perils of thinking in terms of “problem-solvers” as leaders, turning around moods of cynicism on teams and more. 

The interview is available in the January/February 2019 issue of Net Assets magazine, but the article is available in full online now.