209: Worlds Opening: Learning to engage in conversations about a future we can’t predict

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All around us, worlds are opening. Whether the result of cultural change or technological disruption, new opportunities present themselves every day that challenge our current state of understanding, comfort, and well-being. As leaders and experts in our respect fields, we know that this robust economy of change presents terrific opportunities, but how do we have conversations about a future we can’t predict? Make no mistake, this is not something we do naturally — or well — without practice.

This week on the show, we’re presenting a few of the significant shifts that have come as the result of new worlds opening. In the process, we highlight clear areas of opportunity for developing our skills in the conversation; avoiding the trap of the immediate solution; and, visualizing yourself as a leader or influencer with the tools to cultivate a mood of positive anticipation and fearlessness in the face of change.