131: Addressing the Myths of Higher Education

Listen to Addressing the Myths of Higher Education on Navigating Change The Education Podcast

This week’s conversation is inspired by two pieces in higher education circles. The first, by Beckie Supiano for the Chronicle, is targeted toward telling the story of college pricing and the overall education market to key constituent audiences. The second, from Daemen College President Gary Olson, attempts to address six common myths around private higher education. Both articles highlight the undercurrent in our industry today- that we have lost ownership of the conversation around higher education in the media, and the tone is shifting to one of economic scandal above opportunity.

This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright offer a response and continuation of the discussion around the myths of higher education, and invite you to contribute. Share your comments on the blog, or connect with us on Twitter @HowardTeibel or @PeteWright.

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