Howard Teibel to present at NBOA Annual Meeting 2014

I'm thrilled to be joining the NBOA team once again this year as a partner at the NBOA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The NBOA audience is as mission-driven as they come, and it's a welcome treat to lead such engaged business leaders through the trials of complex change in their institutions. Our challenges are generally not unique to our institutions, therefore our solutions must be equally collective. 

On Sunday afternoon, I'll be leading the Change Leadership Workshop from noon - 5:00 pm. From the website: 

This workshop will provide you and your fellow team members a clear understanding of how to address a problem with your peers, and to respond to "big" issues such as flipping the classroom or integrating the "right technology" at the right price or academic changes to your program that impact costs on faculty workload.

You can find out more about this session at

On Monday, I'll be taking the stage with two fantastic people to take on one of the biggest, most loaded headlines in the business: Reinventing Higher Education. Tall order, indeed. But if there were ever qualified people to help lead us through this conversation, it's our panel for this session.

Amanda Ripley — Photo credit Brooke Bready

Amanda Ripley — Photo credit Brooke Bready

Amanda Ripley is a journalist and writer, and author of the recent TIME cover story Reinventing Higher Education. She recently released her latest book, The Smartest Kids in the World, a fascinating journey through her work documenting the world's "new education superpowers." 

Roger Stackpoole

Roger Stackpoole

Roger Stackpoole is Vice President of Finance & Administration at LeMoyne College. Given our audience of business officers at independent schools, Roger's vast experience doing the same in higher eduction gives him a unique view on the questions we'll be addressing this week. 

I have a number of my own questions queued up for this esteemed panel, but I'm counting on you — out there in the audience — to get involved, ask questions, and help to create a great learning environment for all of us. If you'd like to get your question in beforehand, feel free to contact me on Twitter — I'll be taking questions that way leading up to the panel, though may just a bit clumsy to monitor my phone and talk at the same time once the panel begins!

If you'd like to gear up with some of my thoughts leading up to these great sessions, you can find two of my recent podcast episodes on my NBOA 2014 page that should give you a good sense of where I'm coming from. 

My deepest thanks to those who have helped to make this year's Annual Workshop a great success. Again, it's a great pleasure to be involved with such a top-notch organization.