Are you prioritizing your people?

Re:Focus: Our Priorities Reveal our Values

Simon Sinek shares a smart perspective today on his blog:

I listened to a presentation given by top executives of a large firm recently. In their presentation, they listed the company’s priorities:

  1. Top line growth
  2. Enhance shareholder value
  3. Focus on global expansion
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction
  5. Our people

I think it’s safe to say, they don’t really value their people. Or at least they don’t put their people before growth. Ironically, the best organizations I’ve ever seen, the ones that are actually more profitable for the long-term, all put people before growth on their list of priorities.

One of the core principles of our work with clients is to bring alignment to the people, process, and technology that make up complex systems. To those unaware of the Teibel approach to change, it might seem as if we give equal weight to these three broad areas.

While each are critical to overall success, Sinek's observation pokes a fine hole in long-held MBA wisdom, and supports our own experience: without the right people, and the right attention to the experience those people bring to their work, a rich conversation about change that drives results can never really happen.