Teibel, Inc. is the education consulting firm premier institutions turn to for sustainable results. We work with organizations to effectively align mission and strategy, and develop teams to manage change effectively, all with a focus on long-term financial health. 

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At Teibel, we help you ensure the work of your institution supports its mission, and that you have the right people equipped with the right tools to deliver.



Develop strategic choices in line with the evolving mission of your institution.



Create a culture of accountability, collaboration, and empowerment. 



Build teams with a clear mandate, energized for success.



Forge systems with an eye on effective service delivery and long-term financial sustainability.

At Teibel, Inc., we help independent schools to function at their best. Through our Leadership Team Series, we’re honored to partner with you to take on challenges today to better serve tomorrow.

Through a series of facilitated face-to-face meetings, we help your team develop a set of strategic choices consistent with the evolving mission of the school. Using our proven decision-making process, you will learn how to uncover the right problems to solve, develop a shared vision of the future, and create a results-driven strategy that can be shared with the institution and key stakeholders that you serve.


Howard Teibel, Keynote Speaker

Howard Teibel is a regular keynote and conference speaker. For upcoming events, or to inquire about Howard joining the schedule of your next national meeting, we invite you to inquire below. 

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