The Problem

The education world is constantly changing; budgets, faculty, curricula, and campus policies are never static. Without a strong sense of unity and teamwork, efforts to create real, meaningful change can often prove futile, ultimately rendering an organization stagnant.

The Solution

We help leadership learn to think and act strategically. Developing a shared vision and learning techniques to encourage inclusion is the foundation for developing a growth strategy that positively impacts your organization, both financially and culturally.

Our ApproacH

Through a series of facilitated face-to-face meetings, we help your team develop a set of strategic choices consistent with the evolving mission of your organization.

Using our proven decision-making process, you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the right problems to solve
  • Develop a shared vision of the future
  • Create a results-driven strategy that can be shared with the institution and key stakeholders that you serve

Whether your challenges lie within financial restrictions, uncertain goals or lack of team dynamic, we will move your team to the next level of excellence.

Client Experiences

“[Howard] led an engaged audience in a high level discussion about understanding and managing change both organizationally and personally. I watched as the group became visibly more comfortable with accepting change as an inevitable part of the future, with several among the group seeing themselves and the whole of Human Resources as an agent of change. The energy in the room was discernable and several people have approached me since to talk about the experience and to suggest ways to build upon the momentum.”
— C. Katherine Erwin, J.D., Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources University of Colorado at Boulder