Teibel Partners

If we're going to build something grand, we'll have to work together.


We have had the opportunity to partner with many consultants, contractors, and developers in our work supporting higher education over the last 30 years. This list represents those we trust to deliver consistent, reliable results. 

Our Partners



Unimarket offers a software tool that helps organizations better manage their spend and procurement lifecycle. But that vastly understates their impact on their clients. Not only does Unimarket offer an e-procurement tool that's easy to use — that their client users love to work with — they are a company made up of true innovators, critical thinkers, and leaders in their space. 

Listen to recent episodes of our podcast and get to know Unimarket — see what a difference they can make to your procurement initiatives.

Benchmark Construction

While Benchmark offers a wide range of construction services across markets, to us, their work in higher education truly shines. They offer a truly collaborative approach to designing safe, innovative spaces dedicated to academic and institutional excellence.

Listen to this recent episode of our podcast and get to know Benchmark's Christian Recknagel, VP of Leadership and Culture, and see how the the firm's spirit of collaboration and communication permeates every structure they build.


Ron Friedman, Ph.D.

Ron Friedman is one of the most interesting thinkers and writers on workplace excellence that we've come across. His book, "The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace," outlines his research into the science supporting the field. It is, in a word, transformational. 

We interviewed Ron in a past episode of Navigating Change. His Peak Work Performance Summit brings together top thinkers in the field to share a rich catalog of expertise in workplace excellence.