The Problem

With a new norm of shrinking budgets, your division faces great challenges in:

  • Meeting obligations to its constituencies
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Contributing to the success of larger missions

The question is: how do we cope?

The Solution

The answer is: empowerment, collaboration, and focus. It’s about encouraging departments to be both autonomous and accountable, and ultimately creating a culture of serving others.

Our Approach

Our process begins with identifying your priorities so that each team member is aware of their expectations and is motivated to move their project forward. Our team will:

  • Work with leaders to review how existing roles and responsibilities within the division or department should be modified
  • Map out an existing organizational structure chart and offer 2-3 alternatives
  • Identify any gaps in roles and responsibilities
  • Build a custom model for each manager and direct report to complete
  • Conduct kickoff event to encourage buy-in and clarify expectations and outcomes
  • Develop custom reports to show work effort by functional categories, cost-per-task and other meaningful roll-ups for fiscal year
  • Assist management to support individuals as they modify their work effort responses
  • Meet with leadership team to discuss findings and work with the team to address any organizational changes in roles, responsibilities and reporting lines