It’s not so much that
we’re afraid of change
or so in love with the
old ways, but it’s that
place in between ...
it’s like being between
trapezes. It’s Linus
when his blanket is
in the dryer: there’s
nothing to hold on to.
— Marilyn Ferguson

Change is constant. No matter what we do, it is either foisted upon us or we are instigators of it. Mastering how we handle change puts us in a better position to adjust to the growing need for agility and flexibility across our organizations.

In this session, you will learn how you personally relate to change, and develop strategies to lead others through the complexity and ambiguity of a dynamic work environment. 


  1. Why is “Managing through Change” so important to your organization? 
  2. Developing a vision for ourselves in how to relate to change 
  3. How are things changing for us (individually/dept/division)? 
  4. Learning the natural cycle of going through change 
  5. Making choices in a crisis 
  6. Doing a Personal Assessment: Fears vs Hidden Opportunities 
  7. Attitude-Making a choice every day 
  8. Your personal SWOT analysis 
  9. Personal Action Plan-What are we going to do differently as a result of this session?
Brown University

 “During our campus-wide Organizational Review, Howard Teibel conducted a series of workshops focused on helping managers and staff learn how to more effectively get through change in the workplace. This was a useful program to help us navigate a challenging time and learn how to approach change in a more positive way.” 

Karen Davis
Vice President for Human Resources
Brown University

Session Details

Duration: 1/2 Day
Audience: Executive Leadership, Managers, Directors, Team Leaders, and Staff
Pre-requisites: None