This four-month study and group work are oriented to individuals who want to expand their capability to be effective in higher education. 


Whether you are a senior team member of a cabinet, academic administrator, Dean, Director or individual contributor, this program will transform how you show up in service of others.

Through individual study, conversation and peer learning, the Group Coaching Program will deepen your awareness and ability to shift behaviors to be more confident, effective, and satisfied in your emerging career in education.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Demonstrate executive presence
  • Be a critical listener that builds trust with others
  • Lead and participate in tough conversations
  • Be a storyteller that inspires others
  • Navigate shared governance with greater ease

Program Details

Group Coaching Week 1
Session 1 — Orientation & Assessment

We begin with you completing a self-assessment of your aspirations and then a face to face orientation session focused on identifying the areas you are committed to developing in yourself.

Group Coaching Week 2
Session 2 — The Nature of Shared Governance

In session 2, we start with a series of readings and explorations on the history of shared governance in education and how this influences our capacity to produce change in administration and academia. Together we begin to discover how to bring ourselves to conversations that create a positive and productive mood in the work place. 

Group Coaching Week 3
Session 3 — Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Higher Ed

We will use this time to develop a deeper appreciation for the resiliency of education institutions and the background moods of skepticism, resignation and resistance that limit our ability to get things done. This section of the program focuses on engaging others and learning how to be storytellers to create inspiration in your customers.   

Group Coaching Week 4
Session 4 — Exploring Feedback

In session 4, we deepen our capacity to give and receive feedback from others, a necessary skill to develop in our personal and professional lives. We’re now discovering how to trust our intuition to focus on caring for others while letting down our defensiveness to learn how others see us.

Group Coaching Week 5
Session 5 — Building Trust and Your First Team

Our ability to coordinate actions with others is critical to our success at work. In this section of readings and listening to thought leaders on this subject, we learn how to use language to effectively address the underlying concerns of our stakeholders. At this point in the program you will draft a personal action plan and through conversation with your teammates, identify specific areas you’d like to shift in yourself. 

Group Coaching Week 6
Session 6 — Putting a Stake in the Ground

With a clearer sense of how we want to show up differently at work and having passed the midway point, we focus on the art and science of developing new habits. We will also work with an acting coach to integrate how we carry our bodies in our work – whether it’s simply showing confidence in the presence of executives or speaking in front of groups.

Group Coaching Week 7
Session 7 — Practicing the Part

At this point you will have observed a new set of skills starting to emerge as you get more comfortable practicing being yourself. This section of the program will be an opportunity to bring a rigor to these skills and experiment with producing trust, effectively coordinate action and developing greater ease in navigating how you want to make a difference in your work.

Group Coaching Week 8
Session 8 — Integration

The final session brings us back together for a face to face program, both reflecting on what we achieved as a group as well as how we have grown individually. In this closing program you will have a chance to share and demonstrate the ways in which you are more connected to the passion for your work, the care you bring to others and how you plan to forward this new way of being.