This four-month experience is oriented to those who want to expand their capacity to be effective emerging leaders in education.


Whether you are a senior team member of a cabinet, academic administrator, Dean, Director or individual contributor, this program will transform how you show up in service of others.

Through individual study, conversation and peer learning, the Group Coaching Program will deepen your awareness and ability to shift behaviors to be more confident, effective, and satisfied in your emerging career in education.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Demonstrate executive presence
  • Be a critical listener that builds trust with others
  • Lead and participate in tough conversations
  • Cultivate storytelling skills
  • Navigate shared governance with greater ease

Survey of Program Content

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 Meet Your Coaches


Howard Teibel

Howard Teibel is the founder and President of Teibel Education Consulting. Over the past three decades, Howard and his team have worked with campus and business leaders to orient their teams around a network of commitments and develop new habits to coordinate action. 

Lampros Fatsis

Lampros has over 20 years’ experience in organizational change consulting and executive & team coaching.  He holds three degrees from MIT and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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