The Problem

As your institution navigates an uncertain economy, it can be difficult to address deep challenges while involving the community in the solution. Senior leadership cannot effectively make these decisions alone. What is needed now is a deeper investigation into the problem, involving those who understand the true nature of the institution’s challenges and opportunities. Our Reimagining Administration and Academics service uncovers cost containment opportunities along with ideas for alternative revenue sources, all with a focus on building genuine buy-in across campus.

The Solution

In order for systemic change to take hold, three elements need to be present:

  1. An engaged workforce in a safe environment that encourages freedom of expression
  2. Transparent leadership willing to be honest about challenges while remaining optimistic about the future
  3. Clearly defined financial targets for net revenue and savings across all divisions

Our Approach

The key to our approach is creating a framework for shared sacrifice and a genuine attempt to turn over every stone. We will help you:

  • Develop a vision to understand what success and failure look like
  • Designate a core team of key leaders from cabinet, deans, directors, faculty, staff and students to manage the project
  • Work with the president and cabinet to define financial targets for teams
  • Conduct a kickoff event to encourage buy-in and clarify expectations and outcomes
  • Prepare teams to brainstorm, gather data, analyze and provide ideas
  • Develop a scoring tool for senior leadership to review and debate these ideas, before presenting them to the president
  • Conduct a wrap-up event to thank teams and show how their work has directly contributed towards reaching their goals
Loyola University Maryland recently embarked upon an initiative entitled “New Way of Proceeding” which called upon the university to seek new ways to generate revenue, reduce costs and increase our competitiveness in the market. Teibel Education worked with our leadership team from the outset and provided critical guidance in the planning, communication, and implementation phases of the initiative. Through the process that we worked on with Teibel, we were able save millions of dollars and uncover initiatives that will help us generate new revenues.
— Terrence M. Sawyer, Vice President for Administration, Loyola University Maryland