Your board is committed to your institution. Individually, they are leaders in their field and willingly devote their time, talent, and resources. So why step away from the board room to plan a retreat?

A well-planned, focused, inclusive retreat can provide a number of tangible benefits that simply aren’t possible within the demands of regularly scheduled board meetings. If you are involved in a strategic planning process, it provides the opportunity to engage in focused and meaningful conversations on mission, vision and strategic goals. If there is new senior leadership, it provides the opportunity to create and strengthen relationships with the new team. Additionally, a retreat can provide any board with the opportunity to better reflect on the institution’s current and future challenges, conduct a self-assessment, strengthen the relationships among board itself, and generate enthusiasm for the future.

Our Approach

  • Meet with board leadership and internal senior team to develop clearly defined objectives
  • Develop a pre-retreat questionnaire and conduct interviews to foster buy-in and inclusion, and to manage expectations of all participants
  • Work with the internal team on retreat planning and data-gathering 
  • Create an agenda that will meet objectives but allows enough flexibility to encourage active participation and exploration of unexpected ideas
  • Plan retreat activities that encourage participation and keep the retreat focused on achieving its objectives
  • Facilitate the retreat by moving discussions forward, ensuring important issues are addressed and motivating participants to work to a common end 
  • Write a post retreat summary
  • Work with the board and/or senior leadership to develop an action plan for implementing any retreat recommendations