t Teibel Education COnsulting, we're honored to have worked with some of the most prestigious institutions in higher education and finance. From board and trustee development to institution-wide strategic alignment projects, we invite you to learn more about the Teibel role in the words of our partners.

“Teibel Education has worked with our new management team as we sought to take a more comprehensive look at the vision for the university and develop a true strategic plan. We particularly like Teibel’s flexibility and style in facilitating important and difficult discussions. They have taken the time to understand our culture and have helped us to hit the ground running.”

John Hurly, President
Canisius College

“Teibel Education has been an invaluable asset to the University. They were able to provide an insightful assessment of the issues, then supply and implement comprehensive solutions, all while providing professional, courteous and personal attention and assistance.”


Thomas J. Elzey, Senior Vice President & CFO
Drexel University

“I think Teibel Education would be a valued addition to any organization going through change.”

Elizabeth Huidekoper, Executive Vice President
Brown University

“I recommend Teibel Education to any organization looking to link strategy to clear business results.”

Peter McKenzie, Financial VP & Treasurer
Boston College

"We have been doing retreats with our Board for a number of years with varying degrees of success and have struggled with finding the best way to facilitate them. Recently, Teibel Education worked with our leadership team to plan this summer's trustee retreat. The goal of the retreat was to get Trustees to understand and endorse the strategic plan being proposed by management. Howard did a wonderful job facilitating the retreat. More importantly, he was able to help us to generate Trustee enthusiasm for the plan and the future of the College as well as Trustee confidence in the internal leadership. Howard is results driven and has a firm grasp on how to motivate people to work to a common end. His experience in group dynamics along with his own passion for adding value make working with him truly worthwhile."

Frank Vellaccio, Senior Vice President
College of the Holy Cross

"Howard Teibel brings a wonderful combination of skills and attributes to his work as a change facilitator. First, he is diligent in his preparation; in understanding the issues, players and context. Second, he carefully cultivates an environment conducive to the outcomes sought. Third, he is an active, empathetic and critical listener; he both hears and sees what people say and mean. Finally, he is passionate about achieving clear, compelling outcomes. Our work has been enriched by Howard’s participation."

Tom Becker, President
The Chautauqua Institution

“I highly recommend Teibel Education to assist with change management projects that involve people and technology change.”

Amber Thorneburg, Vice President
Bank of America

“Our management team has really taken to Teibel Education's input, not simply because they understand our business model, but because they have taken the time to immerse themselves in our corporate culture. Teibel Education connects with our team rather than just consulting on a topic.”

Greg Clickstein, President
Sawyer Reality