Past Events


March 2-5, 2014

NBOA Change Leadership Workshop — Orlando, Florida

Howard Teibel will be leading the Change Leadership Workshop at the 2014 NBOA Annual Meeting:  

"For business officers to truly impact the strategic direction of their school, it requires a partnership, not only between the business officer and the head of school, that extends and includes the entire leadership team.

"This workshop will provide you and your fellow team members a clear understanding of how to address a problem with your peers, and to respond to "big" issues such as flipping the classroom or integrating the "right technology" at the right price or academic changes to your program that impact costs on faculty workload."

In addition to the workshop, Howard will be be leading a panel discussion with Amanda Ripley, author of the book "The Smartest Kids in the World" and Roger Stackpoole, chief business officer from Lemoyne College.

For more information and registration, visit NBOA.