Thank You, NBOA

I've just returned from the NBOA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles and I'm so grateful for my time with business officers and leaders of independent schools. This year, my presentation focused on three key areas: Leading Change, Decision-Making, and Strategic Communication. The objective was to answer this question: where are you in your career and what do you see your role to be in your school? Are you the finance officer, head, or are you truly a champion for change? Thanks to a rich dialog with questions from group, this was an engaging and inspirational session.

Arguably the most challenging part of any change process is rallying the support of the people around you to join you on your way. In the video above, I present my model for approaching any population you’re trying to influence in a specific direction.

This is a method for you as change agents to reframe your audience, refocus your efforts, and drive the support of your most valuable supporters while not being distracted by those who aren't.

Thanks to all. I look forward to working with you again down the road. 

— Howard